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White paper towards a distributed information system on grapevine

The IGGP has developped a strategy to improve the access of the grapevine community to data. This was done in several steps (File:PAG2016 GrapeIS 100116.pdf):

  • Step 0: lots of discussions and brainstorming in the frame of a GRCN network (coord G. Cramer)
  • Step 1 (2015): organization of a small workshop in Bordeaux with the sponsorship of ISVV, INRA and Gallo SA
  • Step 2 (2015): Finalization of a white paper with the IGGP steering committee (Cantu D, Cheng Z-M, Cramer GR, Davies C, Delrot S, Deluc L, Grimplet J, Londo JP, Pezzotti M, Reisch BI, Töpfer R, Vivier MA, Zyprian E ) + external experts (Di Gaspero G, Fennell A, Kersey P, Mattivi F, Naityani S, Neveu P, Nicholsky M, Pommier C, Ware D. The final document is available here: File:GrapeIS white paper Vf.pdf


PLEXdb Supports the following gene expression platforms:

  • Affy 16k GeneChip
  • Nimblegen Custom design microarray
  • Nimblegen MD design microarray
  • Any other Affy or Nimblegen platforms you send us


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