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This page provides protocols by individuals. A discussion has started to develop standardized protocols and recommendations, which are under development. Please cite the appropriate publications if using any of these protocols.

DNA extraction


See Wheatley et al. 2009 Am. J. Enol. Vitic. 60:4:542-549

Metabolite extraction

Protein extraction

See Vincent et al. 2006 Electrophoresis 27:1853-1865

RNA extraction Grape tissues are difficult to extract. Many people have struggled with RNA degradation in their grape samples. The Cramer lab investigated many protocols, most of which were not suitable. The work is summarized in the following publication (Tattersall et al. 2005 Am J Enol Vitic 56:400-406). Note there is a published error in the TRIS-LiCl method. It should read 10 mM EDTA not 300 mM EDTA. See the TRIS-LiCl RNA extraction protocol below for the correct methodology.

The Cramer RNA extraction protocols are based on the publication: Tattersall et al. 2005 Am J Enol Vitic 56:400-406

Transcript quantification

Real-Time RT-PCR

RNA expression


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