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Welcome to the web site for multinational collaborative grapevine research. The primary research focus is grapevine genomics carried out within the framework of the International Grape Genome Program (IGGP). It is expected that this new genomic knowledge will have a significant impact on our understanding of grapevine biology, viticulture and enology. Plant biologists, viticulturists and enologists are encouraged to contribute their expertise and form collaborations with genetic and molecular scientists within the IGGP.


The goal of the IGGP is to understand the genetic and molecular basis of all biological processes in Vitis that are relevant to the crop. This understanding is fundamental to allow efficient exploitation of Vitis biological resources in the development of new cultivars with improved quality and reduced economic and environmental costs. This knowledge is also vital for the development of new vineyard and winery diagnostic tools. Traits considered of primary interest are pathogen and abiotic stress resistance, quality traits for fruit and wine grapes and reproductive traits determining yield.

Working Groups

To achieve this final goal working groups have been formed and research objectives have been developed for the following topics.

Markers and genetic mapping

BAC libraries, physical maps and genome sequencing

ESTs and transcriptional profiling

Functional analysis


IGGP White Paper

The IGGP White Paper [pdf] explains in detail the research objectives of the program and the benefits and advantages of the approach.

Vitaceae (grape family) DNA and protein sequences held in public GenBank databases.



White Paper [pdf]

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